Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Gravel Travel

On Saturday the 10th of May the annual Wellington Gravel Travel, a mountain bike race, took place. Part of the race was done on Rooshoek.
Unfortunately it rained since the Thursday before and by Saturday the whole route was WET, MUDDY, SLIPPERY and just a general mess.
Pieter van Dyk, organised the event and 550 mountain bikers took part in the grueling race.
                                          Pieter, the organiser of the Gravel travel.

Mountain bikers could choose one of the circle routes 65km,  35km, and 15km respectively.
Rooshoek had some ditches that sadly had seen several participants eating mud. Apparently the also worked less than well with the cocks on the gears and quite a few of the bikers were looking for lubricant by the time they reached Rooshoek's water point.

In the end it was more a mudbath than a race. Luckily I believe mud is good for the complexion and the outdoors good for clearing the head, so all in all it must have been a good experience.

I want to thank Pieter and Ellane van Dyk for the info and TC Botha for the photos.
Next year we hope for a sunny and dry day!

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