Wednesday, 26 February 2014


As my mom might have mentioned, we're planning to open a guest house/venue on the farm. We're decorating it at the moment, but hopefully it'll be done in March. 

In the meantime, we're doing a variety of things for the venue, like planning menus and the like. And... we're taking a cake decorating course. That way, we'll eventually be able to do the wedding cakes ourselves. Which might be useful, given the dangers of transporting a wedding cake on dirt roads.  

Yesterday was our first ever lesson. We learned the basics of Royal Icing. 

This is the result:

Yeah... Very basic. But me being me, I've already started practicing on more interesting patterns. At the moment I'm working on butterflies. So once they're done, I'll put them up for you to see (either here, or on TCoML). 

For interest's sake, the yellow crib and the green heart is mine. The white heart (with the smudge) is my mom's as well as the gingerbread man with the green shirt. My gingerbread man was being digested by me at the time of the photo, as my decorating attempts had gone awry. As it would, when my classmates nicked my icing. 


  1. Good for you. I love to bake and have so much fun decorating. Your guests will soon be eating your delicious baked goods and asking for seconds. It's an interesting post Misha.

  2. How fun that you are putting your artistic skills to use in this way. You are such a multi-faceted person!

  3. Thanks ladies! And thanks for stopping by. X